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Latitudes French Property Agents have been helping people buy property in France in this area for 20 years and have associated French Estate Agents that they have worked with throughout these years. The area is well known to the negotiators so that the company are very able to describe the differences in the departements and areas and know the different architecture that is found throughout Normandy. From collombages cottages and manoirs to brick built chateaux, apartments by the sea both new and resales and beautiful houses set around golf courses of which there are many. The area is accessible and offers ideal holiday homes, permanent homes, investment properties and gite complexes to provide home and income.

Normandy – Haut and Basse – what’s the difference?

As with all regions in France, Normandy is made up of various departements. Seine Maritime and Eure and Orne, Calvados and Manche.

Seine Maritime also knows as Haute Normandie is probably the easiest to reach from the UK, particularly those coming from London or thereabouts who will use the Chunnel or the Dover – Calais ferries to get over to France. There is also the Le Havre and Dieppe crossings giving purchasers a good choice of routes. It will take just over an hour to reach from the Calais port or station in so making it a popular destination for weekenders. The accessibility is one of the attractions to this area where there is always a large demand for second homes. Rouen is the prefecture and Le Havre and Dieppe are the subprefectures. There are many attractive villages including Forges Les Eaux and coastal towns of Veules les Roses and St Valery en Caux.

The population of the departement is ranked as 10th in France.

Properties in the Normandy area range from the colombages style fermettes ie the long single storey houses with timbers showing to brick built houses which seem to be popular in the Pays du Bray area. It is not an area where stone houses have been built. The area is a reasonably short journey from Paris and many Parisiens have weekend homes in the area increasing the demand and sometimes the prices, and this fact means that properties in the area are enjoying good capital growth.

Although not an area where there are a great deal of new developments, there is a certain amount of building going on and at present one of the best returns is offered from Villa Helene, a new development of 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, each with terrace or balcony & secure basement parking. There is a lift in the block; access is controlled via entry phone. The apartments can be bought for total personal use or if you are looking for an investment you can go for a buy to let with a minimum guaranteed rental return of between 3.56 - 4.41%. The port of Le Havre, the station & the town centre are all a few minutes away & a variety of shops are just around the corner. With the added benefit of a great deal of investment going into the town of Le Havre, these apartments are likely to increase in price quite rapidly.

Chateaux in the area are normally brick built and are quite splendid ranging from 1- 2m Euros approximately, for example a 19C Chateau with outbuildings set in 2.5 acres of enclosed grounds. It offers 600m2 of living space.

Colombage properties, sometimes with thatched roofs are found in the area in prices ranging from 200,000€ to 600,000€ and substantial brick properties also in habitable or better condition will cost around the same. Many of the properties have outbuildings and some have a fair amount of land. Village houses and properties that require some work are available from around 100,000 Euros, there is really nothing much available below this figure.

Basse Normandie includes the famous city of Bayeux and its amazing tapestry, as well as the Prefecture, Caen. The region includes three départements, Calvados, Manche and Orne. The region's economy is heavily agricultural, with livestock and dairy farming, textiles. Accessibility again is one of the reasons it remains popular with ferries to both Caen and Cherbourg.

It has an interesting coastline including the sophisticated seaside resorts of Deauville and Trouville and the fascinating old port of Honfleur, the Contentin Peninsular and the West coast with seaside resorts such as Granville. The coastal areas can be quite expensive but further inland into the countryside prices are much more reasonable.

The properties continue to be colombages in the Calvados region and gradually change to stone built properties as you go towards the Manche.

The area offers a wide selection of architecture with many properties retaining original features. Stone properties often have outbuildings suitable for storage and sometimes possible to convert to further accommodation. Occasionally barns to convert become available but it must be remembered that a ‘certificat d’urbanisme’ is needed to allow the conversion from animal housing to residential property. If the barn doesn’t already have this certificate then the contract that you sign must be conditional on getting it.

There is still a fair amount of property for total renovation available – the price will depend not only on the amount of renovation required and the size of the property but also very much on the position of the property. Prices for properties to restore start as low as 25,000 Euros for properties that require total renovation and purchasers must also add into the equation the cost of doing the work to be sure that the overall figure makes the property price comparable to more habitable properties in the area.

Habitable house prices start around 100,000 Euros and from around 170,000 Euros you will be able to find habitable property with outbuildings and sometimes some land. Properties with large amounts of land, perhaps 5 – 10acres or more do become available in the area and prices for a property with outbuildings and perhaps 10 acres with a property in good condition would be around 400,000+ Euros. The area also offers some of the most beautiful manoirs and chateaux and you can expect prices for these types of properties that offer outbuildings and land too, to range in price from 700.000 Euros perhaps to 2-3m.

In this part of Normandy there is a fair amount of new developments, many of them on the coast, such as where you can buy apartments or houses on a 10 acre development with tennis court set between the beach and a golf course from 130,000 Euros, or an apartment on a development with pool and 150m from the beach for 150,000 Euros. Buy to let properties are available with minimum guaranteed rents between 3 and 4.5%.

Normandy in general has continued to be one of the most popular areas for UK purchasers throughout the last 20 years due to its proximity and accessibility in part but also because of its splendid landscape and pretty villages as well as the superb old towns of Rouen, Dieppe, St Lo, Bayeaux, the wide choice of properties in all price ranges, the coast line, the sporting activities available including golf, fishing, horse riding as well as tennis and superb walking and of course the beach and water activities. Prices have increased over these years at a gradual but steady rate to provide purchasers with lovely homes at reasonable prices which have proved to be a good investment as well as having given them a lot of enjoyment.

Every potential purchaser for property in France is aware of the superb food and drink available throughout France, very often this is one of their main reasons for choosing France – Normandy is no exception and has many specialities, not least the liqueur Calvados and of course cider. There are many well known cheeses from Normandy including Camember, Livarot, Pont l’Eveque, Neufchatel, Pave D’Auge, Petit Suisse and Boursin. Many of their well known dishes include dairy produce, eg veal with a cream sauce and of course apple tarts and flans.

All in all Normandy has everything to offer as far as ‘real’ France is concerned except perhaps guaranteed hot summers – but perhaps we have all had enough of the heat and the idea of 4 seasons a year offering the opportunity for diverse activities, long relaxed lunches and reasonable priced properties is the reason Normandy continues to attract us.

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