DeVille Property Services

We are English speaking builders specialising in barn
and attic conversions plus offering a quality
building service to British speaking property owners
in the Normandy area of France for all their needs.
By dealing with all British speaking staff our clients
have the comfort and assurance of knowing two key
things; they can effectively communicate their needs
and requirements, and have the peace
of mind in knowing we understand exactly
what they want.

Our clients also have the reassurance that
any jobs we undertake are completed with
the same standard of workmanship you
would expect from a specialist company.

We offer a complete renovation or modernization package.
All our staff are employed by us under contract,and are
experienced in their relevant feilds. We offer everything from,
interior decorating, re-roofing and extending of your property
upto a complete barn and attic conversion. We can take a
unlivable barn and turn it into a comfortable livable home
finished to a very high standard, without you having to
organise several or more companies that may be required
to get the work you need done.

We are registered as Artisan du Bâtiment
(builders) with the chambre de metier in
Caen, Calvados, and have all the relevant insurance
required by French law.
You can find other information on our about us page.

Artisan is the sign of a professional who has proven them-selves to be competent in their field. Do not get confused with people registered under the new auto entrepreneur scheme who are not entitled to call themselves Artisans.

D.P.S. Does its uppermost in keeping the character of many homes by using French methods and materials.
As a registered enterprise in France much of our work can be offered with a 5.5% VAT rate for already habitable properties over 2 years old, rather than the normal 19.6% in accordance with CABBEB and BUREAU DU FISCAL. But be very careful that your builder knows what is at 5.5% and what is at 19.6% as you will be liable for the extra V.A.T if paid incorrectly. Generally for an inhabitable barn all the work will be have to be at 19.6% as the 5.5% is only for habitable properties which your barn will not be untill it is completed. DeVille Property Services is in constant communication with the Fiscal office to ensure all of our devis are charged at the right V.A.T rate.

If you have a property in France by using a registered enterprise you can also take full advantage on the relief on capital gains tax if you ever sell it as you non permenant residence, which allows you to offset any money you have spent with us against the payable tax on any profit you may make.

Mark Pegg as the owner of DeVille Property Services has full 10 year insurance backed guarantee in the form of responsabilite civil and deccinal insurance which is required by law provided by the AXA insurance group (through the office of Micheal Houston in Vire. Tel: 02 31 68 07 08) for himself and all of his employees covering every aspect of work we offer to our clients.
The builders guarantee is very important in France and should be carefully viewed to ensure the enterprise is covered for any work they may be offering you before you sign a devis with them.
The proof of insurance forms with the total list of all trades covered for the firm named on that form are provided by ALL insurance companies to give to the insured companies clients, and although they are in French it is worth getting them officially translated to ensure everything on your devis is on the forms.

English builders in normandy france. For all your renovation, alteration or modernization needs
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